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Prograin innovative soybean varieties have recently appeared in Russia, they combine the quality of the product and high breeding possibilities. As of today, Prograin RU produces a large number of soybean seeds of the highest quality and sells them through official distributors.

If the Canadian commercial soybean market is strongly aimed at the Japanese buyer that in turn exposes strict requirements to the quality of the product, the Russian market and the countries of the former CIS want to meet their own local market needs first. Prograin breeders have created a line of varieties with a set of features allowing them to be classified as first-class and satisfy the needs of customers, namely:

  • Stable and high protein;
  • Light color of rib;
  • Large size seeds.
  • High yields
  • No cracking of beans
  • Uniform maturity
  • Varieties for all areas of soybean cultivation

Types of Prograin Soyabeans

15 new Canadian varieties have been included in the register of the Russian Federation since 2014. Prograin offers only those varieties, which are being registered in Canada:

Our varieties:

QUALI-PRO (high protein):

  • Maxus
  • Opus
  • Amadeus
  • Hana
  • Kassidy
  • Furio

IP (high yield):

  • Alaska
  • Zelda  (Pending registration)
  • Kofu
  • Nordika
  • Asuka
  • Kyoto
  • Saska
  • Arisa
  • Kanata

As mentioned before, Prograin offers the highest quality soybean types, which are characterized by an increased protein content. 

In Canada, all varieties are divided as follows: 

• IP (identité préservée);

• QP (quali pro) or HP (haute protéine)

IP varieties (Alaska, Zelda, Kofu, Nordika, Asuka, Kyoto, Saska, Arisa, Kanata) are aimed at increased yields with a protein content of 40%, and their purity is maintained by storing in separate silos, separate containers.

And Quali Pro varieties (Maxus, Opus, Amadeus, Hana, Kassidy, Furio) can accumulate up to 46% protein. These are the varieties with special qualities, for example, increased sugar content for the food market and so on.



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