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Our Mission, Vision and our Values

To develop, condition, process and market soybeans of superior quality in order to meet all our customers' requirements.

To be a recognized leader in varieties development because of our expertise and advanced practices in the soybean industry.

To offer the best genetics and constantly improve it.

Innovation, development, customer oriented approach and quality

Our company constantly introduces innovations that ensure a qualitative increase in the efficiency of all processes or products demanded by the market. We try to ensure that our innovative solutions enable growth to clients and partners in all soybeans industry directions.

Highly qualified specialists
The constant desire to be the first, to provide services and to offer top quality products is an integral part of our work. Each member of our team performs his duties professionally and closely monitors the quality of his work.

This is the fundamental value of our company. Openness and honesty of our team is the main guarantee of our reputation that we have created, and that enables us today to be recognized in all corners of the globe.

We value all the people associated with Semences Prograin: our employees, suppliers, customers and partners. We appreciate nature and care about it. We value our genetics and the product that we produce. In a word, we appreciate everything that surrounds us and everything we are responsible for.

Vitality is the keystone of our success. In fact, the energy that our team expresses to develop, to create new varieties, to ensure quality products, enables us to achieve our main goal, which is to produce the best genetics in the world and constantly improve it.

Our clients
To anticipate our customers' expectations, consider their needs and ensure that we support and advise them properly. These are the key parameters that we cultivate to strengthen our business relations and ensure the full satisfaction of our customers' requirements.

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